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"Music For The Sake of Music"

Our Philosophy
 is to make and release music that is “Undeniable”. “Undeniable" meaning  regardless of what the genre or style of  the music it translates to just about everyone simply because of how it is presented and played.  We believe "Undeniable" is arrived at with strong songwriting,  great arrangements and a concentrated attention to dynamics.  The  philosophy is to release "Music for the Sake of the Music", void of all ego and agenda.  When we do this our belief is we are freed to arrive at a space where the emphasis becomes creating something musical that could never be achieved otherwise.  

Music For The Sake of Music


Dan and Stan met 10 year ago,  they toured, they recorded, Stan moved,  Dan Moved.  They kept in touch.  Two years ago through modern technology they started to record and make music again.  It has always been and still is a Total Imaginary Mind Experience for both of us.  

Who We Are


Drawing from a unique combination of Rock, Not Rock, and "Other" influences. Total Imaginary Mind Experience is a long name. But that isn't stopping these two pals from doing something that a lot of people do, together.


We are grateful to be distributed both Digitally and Physically by Smith Music Group.  Click on the pic for information about them.  




The band is two long-time friends. They make music together. They make lots of it.  Dan is is Canada,  Stan is in the U.S.  Both are creative songwriters who's styles and abilities as multi-instrumentalists create a sound unique to itself.  If the music needs a description it is a blend of Americana - Blues - Country and "Yes, the dreaded genre - Jazz - There, it's been said".  All music and recording is a collaboration.  Once the recordings are complete, Dan does all of the final mixing, mastering and production.

1984 - Video From Total Imaginary Mind Experience

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